Demoralized when I need to be empowered

December 21, 2009

I am in limbo.

My job is so degrading, I almost quit on the spot today.   I am being treated like I have no skills at all, rather than nearly 10 years of experience in my field.

At the same time, a former boss has encouraged me to apply for a position at his company, and it looks like it would be great… and that they’d want to make use of my skills and put me to work on challenging problems.  It’s almost enough to empower me to dust off my resume and give it a shot.

…But I just feel that my confidence has been so shaken by this year — my work-related repetitive stress injury, family issues,  my diagnosis of depression & anxiety and then later bipolar, the medication trials & errors, my weight gain, not keeping the house nice, and my job just getting worse and worse.  How do I get into the confident place I need to be in order to get a job?  (A rhetorical question, but if someone feels they have a great answer, go for it.)


2 Responses to “Demoralized when I need to be empowered”

  1. D said

    House != family != weight != medication != job prospects — try not to put everything into one pile…

  2. Hey… I’m there myself right now. Really need to find a new job, yet can’t pull myself together enough to be in the right frame of mind to get one. No tips, etc., but thought it might be nice to know you’re not the only one.

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